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The modern talent pool is a demanding one. If you want the best, your organization has to be its best—with leadership that puts its people first. Our programs bring together neuroscience and learning-by-doing, showing you how to break from the bad and learn to lead by looking out for your people.

Learning-by-doing, online or in person.

We have a full suite of blended, scalable and customizable solutions, both virtual and in-person, to get you and your entire leadership team thinking like students, acting like coaches and meeting the demands of today's top talent.

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DX Alignment & Diagnostic Tools

DX Alignment &
Diagnostic Tools

DX Learning
Align everyone to a people-focused mindset.

As conference rooms are replaced with conference calls and watercooler chats become chat rooms on Slack, managers are feeling the pressure to ensure their team’s wellbeing and high performance don’t fall to the work-from-home wayside.

CARE Anywhere brings awareness to the natural leadership habits of your team in a remote setting and helps you develop a common language for supporting each other, whether that’s back in the office or at home in a Zoom meeting.

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Participant Perspectives

“I liked the human-focused approach. In my previous courses on remote leadership, it was never a stressing point, but it helps tie all the needs together instead of being just a checklist.”

“I think this is a good course for both experienced and non-experienced managers—for different reasons. For new managers, it will help them get started on the right foot. For experienced managers, it could help them develop their skills more.”

DX Learning
Diagnose what is holding higher performance back.

You might think your team is second to none. You might also be wrong. The CARE Experience is our proprietary leadership diagnostic tool, designed to help you understand what is getting in the way of higher performance and map the behavioral leadership solutions needed to improve.

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DX Habit Shifters

The Alignment Shift

Designed to improve your team's clarity, TAS helps you learn to stop the blame game and get your organization to be proactive about goals and objectives with clear expectations, commitment and follow up.

The Empowerment Shift

Created to promote every team members' autonomy, TES unleashes the inner potential of your teams by teaching them to trust in their talents, change the way your leaders think and act and embrace an empowerment mindset.

The Feedback Shift

For teams who struggle with feedback, TFS helps create a culture of continuous improvement by flipping the script on how your people view feedback at all levels of your organization.

DX Leadership Simulations

EDX for Senior Leaders

Our EDX for executives simulation concentrates on reviewing high-level people-first skills, strengthening self-awareness and putting this refreshed leadership outlook to the test in real-life strategic exercises.

EDX for High Potential Leaders

This immersive, two-day leadership experience helps motivate future and emerging leaders to develop their self-awareness and their abilities to engage and empower teams to be their best.


Management DX is an immersive simulation focused on the key behaviors that lead to self-improvement for leaders of individual contributors, creating an active environment for learning.

A track record you can trust.

"DX facilitators are all outstanding speakers, with high energy, and the ability to inform and engage the participants to use our feedback model. This is one of the most powerful tools to motivate the entire company to reach our goals. I have worked with DX on three different events and each time both the content and the delivery were just outstanding. Having the opportunity to participate in this training was an unforgettable experience because you learn how to give and receive feedback in a real-life simulation. DX facilitators are a ‘must have’ speaker for any type of business."
Alessandra Morais Operations Manager

“IDEX Corporation has partnered with DX Learning for more than five years to support our leadership development programs. They have taken time to understand our business and culture to create tailored events for our leaders. Whether the audience was a group of new leaders or Sr. Executives, DX Learning consistently provided impactful learning experiences through their hands-on, high pressured simulations. Our participants left each session energized with practical actions to take as leaders in our organization.”
Melissa Flores VP of Talent Management and Development
I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the coaching simulation put on by Alex and DX. I have read books, attended seminars and received feedback in regards to how coach properly, but the exercises quickly showed that I had a lot more to learn to be truly effective.

I was able to immediately take the concepts taught and apply them in the real world as soon as the next day. I know these small changes will not only make me more effective, but more importantly will make my teams more capable in the future."
Dan Troy Director of Business Operations
“The Management DX simulations helped me hone in on different skills I need to work on outside of my clinical knowledge and gave insight on ways to improve with our team. I started in the department I oversee as a frontline caregiver and now am in the director position. I am trying to balance the personal relationships I developed over the years with the need to put us all on the right path. The strategies we reviewed were empowering and will help with my own confidence level in getting things accomplished”
Adam Brill Director of Rehabilitation Services

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